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Denise Johnson June 23, 2014 at 11:18 am
Wow, totally shocked by this e-mail. I have been a regular patient at the walk-in center for moreRead More than 10 years. Find the service extremely convenient for me and my family. Check out MerchantCircle that really reflects the level of service at Greenwich Walk-In. Absolutely, love this place!
Greenwich Walk-In Medical June 23, 2014 at 01:09 pm
Well, this is a first, after 26 years in practice at the Greenwich Walk-In Medical Center, and tensRead More of thousands of satisfied patients. The patient was brought in for suture removal by the mother who also said the patient was having "cold" symptoms. The mother was asked and answered that "yes" she would like the patient examined for the "cold" symptoms. A full exam was performed as always, not a "cursory look" at her. The "lecture on sinus infections" was very important because it was explained clearly that if sinus pain or pressure developed, antibiotics might be needed, and to call if such symptoms developed so that an antibiotic could be called in to the pharmacy. Treatment for the nasal infection or rhinnitis was explained in detail, treatment which is designed to prevent a "cold" from developing into a full-blown bacterial sinus infection requiring a course of antibiotics. Swindled? If asking for an evaluation of a health problem and then being given thorough medical care is being swindled, then we're at a loss. We are always willing to help patients in financial need by discounting our normal fees or not charging at all for services. In this case, the suture removal fee was rolled into the normal office visit fee. If financial need was expressed to us, we most certainly would have discounted the fee for services even further. A simple "we are only here for a suture removal" would have prevented this incident in the first place, leaving the patient free to go to their personal physician for other medical care. Instead the patient presented with two issues both of which were dealt with thoroughly, with a discounted fee charged. Greenwich Walk-In Medical Center Management Team
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