Stanwich Students Receive $194,000 Scholarship from the Patricia S. Heyman Foundation

Pictured are Lisa Bailey Cassidy, Stanwich School Trustee, Paul Geise, Head of School, and The Patricia S. Heyman Foundation directors Harry Peden III, Dr. Vaughn Dunn and Terry Coates.
Pictured are Lisa Bailey Cassidy, Stanwich School Trustee, Paul Geise, Head of School, and The Patricia S. Heyman Foundation directors Harry Peden III, Dr. Vaughn Dunn and Terry Coates.

The Stanwich School is proud to announce that seven students have been awarded scholarships from The Patricia S. Heyman Foundation of Greenwich, CT.  The total amount of the scholarship is approximately $194,000.  The foundation, named for and funded by the generosity of the late Patricia Heyman, who lived in Greenwich for most of her life, is in its first year of operation. Its principal mission is to provide educational scholarships to students based on their need, academic performance and community service.  

Numerous applications were received by the foundation and the process of awarding scholarships began with a comprehensive nomination form followed by a personal meeting with the foundation directors. After meeting the seven Stanwich students, the directors commented on how the Stanwich nominees impressed them with their accomplishments, energy and goals. Harry Peden III, president of the foundation, remarked that “each student and family we met through The Stanwich School presented themselves very well and effectively articulated their backgrounds and aspirations.” 

Paul Geise, Head of School for Stanwich, said “We are deeply honored to have seven students selected as scholarship award recipients. While we are proud and impressed with our exceptional students, it is affirming for an outside organization to also recognize the talents we see daily in every student.  I admire and applaud The Patricia S. Heyman Foundation for taking the extra steps of getting to know each nominee and was sincerely impressed with their comprehensive review process.  Their important work is needed in the world as we all strive toward shaping a future with highly educated, morally grounded adults who also give back to their respective communities.”

The award recipient names will be kept confidential.  Stanwich is proud of their accomplishments.  

About The Patricia S. Heyman Foundation 

The Patricia S. Heyman Foundation is a tax-exempt private foundation with an address c/o Harry E. Peden III, Whitman Breed Abbott & Morgan LLC, 500 West Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830.  The Foundation seeks to award scholarships to students in Greenwich and nearby communities at all levels of education, and is interested in talking with organizations or other sources of scholarship candidates.  To contact the Foundation, please write to the above address or call 203-869-3800 during business hours.

About The Stanwich School

The Stanwich School is an academically rigorous, values-centered, coeducational PreK through 12 independent school. Chartered in 1998, the school currently maintains two campuses, with its PreK through Grade 6 in Greenwich, and grades 7-12 at a leased facility in Stamford. Stanwich will close its Stamford campus in June 2014 and relocate those Upper School students to its Greenwich campus, making it the only coeducational PreK through 12 independent school in Greenwich. The Stanwich School is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools, and was one of the youngest schools to have achieved this distinction.  www.stanwichschool.org


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