Greenwich Has 3 of the Wealthiest ZIP Codes in Connecticut

According to the Hartford Business Journal, nine of the wealthiest ZIP codes in Connecticut are in Fairfield County, and 16 out of the top 25 are in the county —three of them right here in Greenwich.

Flickr.com photo.
Flickr.com photo.

We all know this is the richest region in the state and one of the wealthiest areas in the country, but the Hartford Business Journal did a little digging to show just where we rank among our neighbors and statewide.

Three of Greenwich's hamlets rank in the top 16 on the publication's list of richest ZIP codes in the state, with the top nine all in Fairfield County. Old Greenwich (06870) was ranked fifth. Riverside (06878) came in number 13 with the western and northern edges of town with the 06831 ZIP code coming at number 16.

Here are the rest in order of rank (for ZIP codes that don't completely match town boundaries, links from each ZIP code go to a Google search page or Google Maps pages showing a map of that ZIP code):

1. Weston (06883)

2. Stamford (06903) — North Stamford (essentially Stamford above the Merritt Parkway)

3. Norwalk (06853) — Rowayton

4. Easton (06612)

5. Greenwich (06870) — Old Greenwich (in the southeast corner of town)

6. Wilton (06897)

7. Darien (06820)

8. Westport (06880)

9. New Canaan (06840)

Other Fairfield County ZIP codes on the list of top 25 wealthiest communities are:

  • No. 13 — Greenwich (06878) — Riverside (just west of Old Greenwich)
  • No. 14 — Fairfield (06890) — Southport (in the southwest corner of Fairfield)
  • No. 16 — Greenwich (06831) — Back country (far northern and western areas of town)
  • No. 16 — Redding (06896)
  • No. 17 — Ridgefield (06877)
  • No. 20 — Newtown (06470) — the western side of town
  • No. 21 — Fairfield (06824) — most of the town

All in all, of the 25 wealthiest ZIP codes in the state, 16 are in Fairfield County, according to the publication's report. They don't call it the Gold Coast for nothing (although only seven of the 25 are actually on the coast itself).

How the mighty have fallen: In 2008, Money Magazine ranked the top 25 wealthiest communities in the country and put New Canaan at No. 1, Darien at No. 2, Westport at No. 5 (all have ZIP codes covering their entire towns), and Greenwich at No. 14 -- the only communities in Connecticut to make the list.


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