Ice Sure Looks Inviting — Not!

It's not a wise idea to be skating on public ponds and rivers, despite the 'polar vortex.'

Skaing on Caroline POnd on the Byra River, Jan. 9, 2014. Photo credit: Barbara Heins.
Skaing on Caroline POnd on the Byra River, Jan. 9, 2014. Photo credit: Barbara Heins.

Got skates?

If you do, Greenwich fire officials say you're better off stretching those skating legs at a private skating arena rather than the inviting ice of local ponds and rivers.

Deputy Greenwich Fire Chief Tom Nixon said that despite the below-zero wind chills, there isn't any guarantee that ponds such as the ones in Binney or Bruce parks or even Caroline Pond, where the Byram River creates a placid pond along Caroline Place in the western end of town, will be safe for ice skating.

"I wouldn't say that any body of water is safe. Number 1, quite a few are posted with signage from the town that they are not safe for skating, especially with the temperatures starting to warm up" said Nixon. 

"(Residents) should not enter the ice and get themselves into a situation to endanger themselves and endanger the people who think they are going to help them," Nixon said.

Unsafe skating signs are posted at popular spots throughout town including Binney Park, Bruce Park and the Mianus River in Cos Cob, Nixon said.

However, late Thursday afternoon, a knot of a half-dozen skaters glided and scraped their way across the ice of Caroline Pond in the Pemberwick section of Greenwich. The sounds of the puck being slapped by hockey sticks resonated across the ice as the rosy-cheeked teens scrimmaged.

"The safest bet is if you want to skate, go to one of the public skating rinks," Nixon advised.

Peter F. Alexander January 12, 2014 at 07:02 AM
Sadly, I agree with the fine Deputy Chief. Ongoing Town policy of dumping stormwater and silt into our ponds and making dredging a 4 letter word has created the taking of hundreds of acres away from our Winter Olympic dreamers. Most now think skating is an indoor sport. Besides the shallower water heating up faster during warm periods creating fishkills in the Sound, shallower water forms thinner ice that is dangerous. What should we do have secret meetings to out and oust the incompetents? How about an outdoor rink at the High School?


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