33 Open Houses in Greenwich Today from $370K to $10.7M

Good assortment of houses in Old Greenwich, Riverside and Glenville; Bifurcated Market 4 months supply at low-end 94 months supply at high end

This week we have 33 open houses and 16 of them are under $1 million. Eight of the open houses are over $2 million and we even have 3 rentals. We have a good assortment of open houses in Old Greenwich and Riverside as well as several in Glenville.

Market Report

In the spring market lots of new listings come on the market. Sales are also slower in the winter with February being traditionally th slowest month of the year. Looks like that was the case in February. With inventory rising and sales at a low, months of supply naturally increase at this time of year and will decrease in April and May.

More sales coming in future months

The numbers, even though we are just two months into 2012, do show a couple of clear trends. First, if you look at the blue bars in the chart which represent actual sales and compare them to the red bars which represents sales plus pending contracts, in every case the red bar is lower indicating that sales will increase as the contracts mature into actual sales.

Lowest end gets very hot

If you want to buy one of the 19 single-family homes on the market under $600,000 you need to be ready to move fast. Greenwich only has a 4 months of supply in this price range based on sales and when you add in the 10 pending sales we are down to only 3 months of supply. The numbers always jump around at the beginning of the year, just look at sales in the next price range, $600,000 - $800,000 where we had only 1 sale so far, but 14 pending contracts and only 29 listings.

Sales under $2 million, particularly when you add in the 57 pending contracts, look good and are what is driving the market sales numbers. You can see this from the large percentage of open houses this week under $2 million.

High end continues slow

What you don't see on the chart above is the over $10 million price range. It's not there because the bar would literally be off the graph with 94 months of supply or almost 8 years. So far we've had only 1 sale in this price range, add in the 2 pending sales and months of supply drops in half to 49 months or only 4 years supply. It will take awhile to sell the 47 houses in this price range.

Interactive Map and List of Greenwich Open Houses

The list of open houses appears below with the market report. A color coded static map of the open houses  is above. You can see the interactive map here and find detailed instructions for its use here. If you mouse over any  pin on the map a box will pop-up with the address, time and price of the open house. If you click on a pin or on an address in the right column of the map a larger balloon will pop-up.


Address Town  List Price 
Time Broker ML Number 1535 E. Putnam Ave.  #302 Old Greenwich  $        2,000
1-4 PM Raveis 81309 115 River Rd.  #6 Cos Cob  $        3,700
1-4 PM Prudential 81172 55 Burning Tree Rd. Greenwich  $        9,000
2-4 PM Raveis 81314 1535 E. Putnam Ave.  #302 Old Greenwich  $    370,000
1-4 PM Raveis 81308 184 Peck Ave. Greenwich  $    510,000
1-4 PM Keller Will
1 Ferris Dr. Old Greenwich  $    539,500
1-4 PM Prudential
12 Benders Dr. Greenwich  $    685,000
1-3 PM Anderson 81418 9 Melrose Ave. Greenwich  $    739,000
1-4 PM Weichert 81040 115 River Rd.  #6 Cos Cob  $    749,000
1-4 PM Prudential 81169 21 Sound Beach Ave. Old Greenwich  $    779,000
1-4 PM Raveis 81448 276 E. Middle Patent Rd Greenwich  $    795,000
1-3:30 PM Raveis
28 Woods Ave. Greenwich  $    799,000
12-3 PM Raveis
22 Riverside Ln. Riverside  $    835,000
1-4 PM Prudential
333 Palmer Hill Rd.  #3C Riverside  $    859,000
1-3 PM Coldwell Bnkr 80825 40 Ettl Ln.  #23 Greenwich  $    885,000
1-4 PM Prudential
24 Marshall St. Old Greenwich  $    897,000
1-4 PM Raveis 80947 82 Halsey Dr. Old Greenwich  $    915,000
1-4 PM Prudential
127 Lake Ave. Greenwich  $    949,000
2-4 PM Coldwell Bnkr 79167 5 West End Ct. Old Greenwich  $    995,000
1-3 PM Raveis 80157 28 Slumber Cors. Stamford  $ 1,039,000
12-4 PM Prudential 81257 233 Davenport Dr. Stamford  $ 1,099,000
1-3 PM Prudential
72 Shore Rd. Old Greenwich  $ 1,199,000
1-4 PM Prudential
133 Cherry Hill Rd Greenwich  $ 1,300,000
1-4 PM Prudential 81394 55 Burning Tree Rd. Greenwich  $ 1,795,000
2-4 PM Raveis 81310 26 Lincoln Ave. Old Greenwich  $ 1,995,000
1-4 PM Prudential
191 North St. Greenwich  $ 2,500,000
1-3 PM Coldwell Bnkr
19 Terrace Ave. Riverside  $ 2,695,000
1-4 PM Raveis
317 Stanwich Rd. Greenwich  $ 2,895,000
1-3 PM Coldwell Bnkr
61 Winding Ln. Greenwich  $ 3,495,000
1-3 PM Coldwell Bnkr 81270 25 Windabout Dr. Greenwich  $ 3,495,000
1-3 PM Coldwell Bnkr 81299 60 E. Elm St. Greenwich  $ 3,875,000
1-3 PM Coldwell Bnkr 81057 12 Baldwin Farms So. Greenwich  $ 6,499,000
2-4 PM Summit 
18 Chimney Corner Ln. Greenwich  $10,750,000
2-4 PM Coldwell Bnkr 79917


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