Greenwich Seminar: The Growing Threat to Business Computer Systems

The Greenwich Chamber of Commerce seminar is to help local businesses prepare for latest technology threats and challenges.


From the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce:

In the past few weeks it was reported that a hedge fund cyberattack was so well thought out that it targeted a specific employee, got access to the network and then modified the company’s trading systems by slowing them enough to make them ineffective. The Vermont Obamacare exchange was also hacked repeatedly with consumer information being pilfered. Even energy companies are reportedly being targeted by Russian hackers.

Computer technology has never had as much of an impact on business as today but while these machines make companies more productive, they also have the potential to bring them to their knees. A single improper web or email click could compromise a business network allowing someone to steal credit card and customer information or even shut down computer systems – unless they receive a ransom. Software which acts in such a fashion is called “ransomware.”

Outages from fires, power loss, etc. can cause disruptions in customer service. They keep companies from maximizing revenue and profitability and worse, can put them out of business.

For every large company like Target which is in the public spotlight after a data breach, there are hundreds or thousands of others which get hacked. You never hear about these incidents because it is in the best interest of these companies to keep them under wraps. The point is, computer attacks are growing at an alarming rate and companies which aren’t prepared are more likely to be targets.

The good news is if systems are properly deployed and appropriate security measures are taken, the chances of computer intrusions and business disruption are greatly minimized. Cloud-based systems which operate even if there is a local power outage and security applications which constantly scan computers and networks for suspicious activity are just a few of the measures which forward-thinking companies are taking these days to ensure they keep the doors open in the event of a natural or man-made hacking disaster. In response to the above threats, Apex Technology Services will be offering an educational seminar and networking event in partnership with the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce in the hopes of keeping companies as safe and secure as possible in the face of growing threats. Business owners, managers or anyone who has business technology questions is invited to attend.

When: Monday, July 14.

Time: 5:30 p.m.

Registration: Seminar begins at 6 p.m. 

Where: The Ginger Man Restaurant, 64 Greenwich Ave., Greenwich. 

Cost: $20 - Fee includes the seminar, plus appetizers, soft drinks, and 1 complimentary drink ticket.


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