One Set Of Exotic Wheels In Greenwich

Motoring along Greenwich's car row where car dealers reign on West Putnam Avenue, there's one set of spiffy wheels that stands out among the BMWs, Bentleys, Maseratis and Mercedes.

It is the McLaren MP4 - Greenwich edition. The exterior is trimmed in an eye-catching camouflage vinyl skin that took a team of experts three days to apply, according to Evan Cygler, marketing director for Miller Motorcars' McLaren of Greenwich, one of 10 McLaren dealerships in the world.

The vinyl skin was designed by the Surrey, England-based sports car manufacturer, to literally keep prototype designs under wraps and away from the prying eyes of the car paparazzi and competitors, Cygler said. The white lines represent race tracks around the world.

The black-and-white design distorts the car's aerodynamic lines and body details, Cygler added. It's the only McLaren with this exterior and has generated a lot of buzz in the automotive world, including Internet messages that a McLaren prototype was in Greenwich, Cygler said.

The $259,035 price tag includes the custom exterior as well many options including a surround sound system and sports exhaust.

Should the buyer of the 8-cylinder car - with a top speed of 208 mph - tire of the camouflage skin, it can removed to reveal the original sleek, grey exterior, Cygler said.


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