Remembering Pearl Harbor [VIDEO]

Greenwich veterans remember their comrades in arms in ceremony at the town's war memorial.


About three dozen people gathered in a soft rain Friday night for a memorial service commemorating the 71st anniversary of "that day which will live in infamy"—Pearl Harbor Day.

Christopher Hughes of the American Legion Post 29 said the ceremony is held each Dec. 7 "so that we never forget" the sacrifices made by more than 3,300 servicemen who died in the early morning attack on Pearl Harbor.

"One of our main messages is that we not forget," Hughes said. Veterans, particularly those now returning from the war in Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf "have an even greater respect for our country" and that Americans should honor their service.

Al Brecken December 08, 2012 at 08:14 PM
Franklin Roosevelt deliberately provoved was with Japan when the entire Pacific was indefensible from Japanese conquest. In addition to Peal Harbor , Roosevelt's blunder caused the conquest of the Phiilipines , Wake Island , and Singapore. The surrender of the American Army on Bataan was a far worse disaster than Pearl Harbor which was a dramatic and epocal event but not in itself a major stategic defeat .. Pearl Harbor was only a facet of a much larger military disaster , the conquest of the entire Pacific region in a very brief time-period.


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