Sold in Greenwich: $6 Million Rockwood Lane Home Is Tops for Real Estate Sales

Real estate transactions of properties sold in Greenwich, as recorded in the Greenwich Tax Assessor's Office from Nov. 19 through Nov. 29, 2012.


Nov. 19:

  • River Road, Boat Slips F13 and F14: Steven J. Barnett to Ruthanne Ruzika; $200,000.
  • 3 Oakwood Ln.: Atkins Family Third Limited Partnership; $2,200,000.
  • 28 Homestead Ln.: Andrea M. Miloro to Susan A. and Catherine Elliott-Bocassi; $442,500.

Nov. 20:

  • 353A Sound Beach Ave.: Franklyn H. Lohr III and Grace White Lohr to Jorge A. Crisoffynini and Maria P. Vidal Sabbagh; $1,750,000.

Nov. 21:

  • 20 West End Ave.: Lorain M. Lovejoy and Gary G. Kelley to Expert Construction Group LLC; $770,000.
  • 19 Ford Ln.: Bennett Associates B.P. to CPP 19 Ford Lane LLC; $2,050,000.
  • 135 Cat Rock Rd.: Expert Construction Group LLC to Cat Rock Holdings LLC; $3,950,000.

Nov. 26:

  • 810 Lake Ave.: Cynthia Whalen to Atul Aggarwal and Cortney Keim; $1,325,000.

Nov. 27:

  • 17 Summit Rd.: Elizabeth Haughey to Patrick G. Rooney and Cynthia A. McCalllister; $650,000.

Nov. 28:

  • 2 North Tulip St.: Branco Mrdelja, executor, to Ning Li; $795,700.
  • 15 Meadow Pl.: Peter Thalheim 15 Meadow Place LLC; $5,052,300.
  • 40 Pleasant St.: John P. and Jacquelyn Barnum to Yuanjun Li; $585,000.                    

Nov. 29:

  • 69 Rockwood Ln.: Stone Harbor Land Company IX LLC to Karen and Peter O. Lawson-Johnston II; $6,050,000.
  • 27 Hollow Wood Ln, Unit 4: Julia M. Zack to 75V LLC; $260,000.
  • 16 Hendrie Ave.: Hendrie Development LLC to Gary F. and Lorie  Bendinger; $4,100,000.


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