Greenwich Fundraising Campaign Helps Baby Who Needs Stem Cell Procedure

Greenwich residents have organized a fund-raiser to help a family with six children, whose youngest baby is in need of heart surgery.

The little blonde-haired girl Josie may end up needing a heart transplant, but in the meantime, her family continues to arrange for other needed treatments related to the mild cerebral palsy she has.

According to her family: Since 10 months old, Josie has received speech and occupational therapy. She continues to make gains, but we have also spent countless hours researching other treatments out there that will help Josie become independent. We have decided to pursue stem cell therapy for Josie. The procedure is actually very straight forward. They will take stem cells from her own fat and bone marrow and then put it back into her body. Stem cells act as the body’s repair system and specialize to become every tissue in the body. Stem cells have the ability to transform themselves to repair and renew any tissue including the heart and brain.

"Josie will be receiving an autologous stem cell, which means the stem cells come from her own fat and bone marrow. The procedure costs around $12,000. Insurance does not cover this procedure. Countless families have undergone stem cell therapy with extremely successful outcomes. This is our hope for Josie as well," according to her family.

For more information about the campaign, click through on the GoFundMe window above.


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