Western Middle School Assistant Principal Is Named Top Administrator in Connecticut

Western Middle School Assistant Principal Albert Sackey. Contributed photo.
Western Middle School Assistant Principal Albert Sackey. Contributed photo.
Western Middle School Assistant Principal Albert Sackey has been named the 2014 CT Middle School Assistant Principal of the Year by the Connecticut    Association of Schools (CAS) and the National Association of Secondary School
Principals (NASSP).

The award recognizes administrators who have “demonstrated excellent leadership commitment to staff and students, service to their communities, and  contributions to the overall profession of educational leadership.”   
Superintendent William S. McKersie said in a statement, “From the time we heard of this great honor for Al Sackey, we have all been thrilled for him. Al Sackey is one of our prized administrators. His dedication to his students and    strong spirit of collaboration among his colleagues have been an inspiration to    us all.”

Sackey was  nominated     for     the award     by     one     of    the     Western     Middle     School Science  teachers. Western     Middle     School     Principal    Gordon     Beinstein     said     in     his     letter     of   
recommendation,    which    was    included    in    the    nomination    packet    for    Mr    Sackey,    “[Mr.    Sackey    is]    student    centered,    supportive    of    staff    and    understanding    of    the    struggles    of    parenting    this    age    group.    I    could    not    have    asked    for    a    better    partner    to    help    me    to    lead    in    my    first    year    at   
Western    Middle    School….    While    adept    at    all    aspects    of     the    job,    Al    is     first,    and     foremost,    an    instructional    leader…One    of    Mr.    Sackey’s    greatest    strengths    is    his    ability    to    relate    and    work    with    middle    school    students…    He    is    an    insightful    listener    and    can    determine    the    appropriate    strategy    for    students    that    will    allow    them    to    succeed.”               
An    educator    for    13    years,    Albert    Sackey    came    to    Western    Middle    School    as    Assistant    Principal    in    2008.    Mr.    Sackey    received    a    Bachelor    of    Science    degree    in    Justice    and    Policy   
Studies    from    Guilford    College    in    Greensboro,    NC    in    1998;    a    Master    of    Science    degree    in    Special    Education    from  Manhattan    College    in    Riverdale,    NY    in    2003;    and    a    Master    of    Science    degree    in School    Administration    and    Supervision    from    Mercy    College    in    Dobbs  Ferry,    NY    in    2004.   
The    CAS    and    NASSP    Assistant    Principal    of    the    Year  Program    was    established    in    1990    to    bring   recognition     to     the     assistant     principalship     and     to     spotlight     the     critical     role     that     assistant   principals    play    in    the    education    of  youth.

Diane Darragh December 09, 2013 at 01:43 PM
Way to go big al! So proud


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