Louis F. Seraso Jr., World War II Veteran, Bass Player and Land Surveyor

A memorial service is planned for Thursday, June 12.

Louis F. Seraso Jr. left this world on June 1, 2014, eternally to rejoin the love of his life, Muriel Ann Comnes Seraso. There is no doubt that, together again, they are holding hands and laughing.

Louis was born in 1925, a child of the depression. He volunteered for service in World War II.

He played professional stand-up bass for the Raymond Scott Orchestra, a "big band," and, later, electric bass, all the while bringing joy to people at countless concerts, weddings, clubs and events. He also was a land surveyor for S.E. Minor and affectionately knew most of the hills and dales and forgotten graveyards in the Town of Greenwich. Louis was a "successful man" in the material sense of the word, providing his family with a beautiful home, wonderful vacations and lovely possessions. But his real success as a man came from his quiet courage, his unshakable faith, his irrepressible sense of humor and the endless ocean of love that he so freely gave and received.

He will be terribly missed by his daughter, Laura Frances Seraso of Burbank, California.

A memorial service will be held for him on Thursday, June 12, at 1 p.m. at The Mews, ½ Bolling Place, Greenwich.


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