Blankley: A Good Man; Floren: A Better Choice

By Joe Kaliko


John Blankley is a good man. He is serving the Town of Greenwich well by being active in democratic party politics.

John has also tackled difficult challenges; like running for First Selectman last year against the Republican incumbent. He is now trying to unseat the very popular Livvy Floren, who represents parts of Greenwich and Stamford in the State House.

Taking John's qualities into account, being a good man is simply not enough to replace the indefatigable spirit, experience and just plain passion for public service we have come to associate with Livvy Floren.

Without doubt, Livvy is respected by many democrats in Stamford, Greenwich and Hartford.

She studies the issues and is a tireless advocate for education, charitable causes, public safety, fiscal responsibility and the individuals, independent of party, she is proud to represent.

Now of all times is the time to turn to Livvy to continue to work her magic; and be thankful she wants to continue to serve!

Re-electing Livvy is particularly important in the context of her working in the state's democratically controlled legislature. She has the rare ability to bridge across the political aisle and achieve compromise consistent with conscience.

While we sometimes disagree; we do so without being disagreeable.

Livvy is a principled individual and a great representative.

We need her to continue her work in Hartford.

Joe Kaliko



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