Letter: Camillo Able Is To 'Connect With His Constituents'

By Carmella Budkins


Camillo is for Connecticut!  I am writing in support of the reelection of Fred Camillo, State Representative. Fred has deep and varied experience from being a small business owner to a high school teacher as well as a coach. In any environment, you will find that Fred’s qualities anchored around integrity, energy, and enthusiasm enables him to connect with his constituents in an infectious way and, in turn, successfully legislate in the best interest of the 151st District. 

Fred has dedicated an inordinate amount of time on both the local and state level, which enables him to be equipped with the knowledge that constituents entrust in a State Representative. In his recent term, he has made tremendous strides regarding bills that will impact Connecticut’s economic growth and business climate as well as the “Live Here, Learn Here" bill that he had included into the 2011 Jobs Bill. This is an important endeavor as this bill aligned to his 2008 campaign pledge and displays Fred’s tenacity. He executed this bill that had been contemplated for a number of years prior to Fred’s appointment in his first year as Ranking House Member of the Commerce Committee. 

Fred has worked tirelessly in Hartford and is committed to carrying forward his diligent work ethic to continue to drive for a better Connecticut. Greenwich needs him, Hartford needs him and Connecticut needs him – please reelect State Representative Fred Camillo to another term.

Carmella Budkins


*The writer is the Greenwich Town Clerk.


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