Letter: Camillo Has 'Ability To Get Things Done'

By Ruth Wilson


I am absolutely delighted to endorse Fred Camillo for a third term as state representative in the 151st district. I have known Fred for a very long time .

As his teacher in Cos Cob School I knew  then that Fred was a very special person. I have become more convinced of that through the intervening years and especially when he entered politics and became state representative. He is so honest and caring and works so hard for the good of his constituents. I was able this past year to experience the quiet , consistent way Fred gets things done. I was having a problem with the Connecticut Light and Power Co. which I had been trying to resolve for a year. A call to Fred changed that. With Fred's contacts the problem was resolved almost immediately.

We need to return Fred to Hartford not only for his fiscal policies, his animal rights policies but for his caring and ability to get things done for all of us in the 151st district.


Ruth Wilson

Cos Cob


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