Letter: Camillo 'Is What We Need Right Now'

By Julie Nixon


It is my pleasure to recommend Fred Camillo for a third term as our State Representative of the 151st District.

I am a parent, a teacher, a proud resident of the Havemeyer Park neighborhood in Old Greenwich and a registered Democrat. Fred is what we need right now in our representatives — someone who listens, cares and takes action on the real life issues that affect us all. Fred works hard for common sense changes despite the politics. It has never been more important to have people in government that are thoughtful and balanced.

When the teachers in our district felt undermined by The Education Bill SB24, Fred met with us as a group in the Greenwich Library and continued to meet with us individually. He listened carefully and was able to explain the issues of the bill and his support of the teachers in general. As a former teacher himself, he understands why we can’t “teach to the test” and what matters most is cognition, not content memorization for our children. He represented and continues to fight for laws to protect our other “children” — our family pets, by introducing laws dealing with out of state puppy mills and repeat offenders of animal cruelty. He tirelessly defends those that can’t speak for themselves.

Fred has perspective. He can hear both sides and clearly see through the fog that often hides the real solutions to our real problems.  

This Democrat is looking forward to showing her bipartisanship by once again voting for Fred Camillo.


Julie Nixon

Old Greenwich


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