Letter: Camillo 'Knows How to Take Action'

By Carol Zarrilli


Dear Editor,

What’s important to me? I want legislators who don’t wear blinders, understand our State and will listen to the needs of the people. Fred Camillo does just that with flying colors! He makes himself available to his constituents, a good listener that knows how to take action. 

What’s near and dear to my heart? Fred Camillo is an advocate for the welfare of animals, having helped create bills that get passed into law making their lives better. Secondly, Fred is a member of the GMO Caucus in Hartford, a bi-partisan group of legislators working to create a bill that will accurately label GMO foods. 

I want to know how my food is grown…from seed to plate. Connecticut residents need this bill which will allow us to be more proactive when it comes to our health. This information is needed so families are free to make educated choices.

Fred Camillo is an excellent legislator and a great choice.


Carol Zarrilli



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