Letter: Camillo Thanks Voters

By Fred Camillo


I would like to thank the voters of the 151st District for their strong endorsement of me on November 6th. I love my job as their voice in Hartford and take very seriously all that it entails.

The past four years have been rewarding not just in terms of introducing and helping pass legislation that will make Connecticut an even better place to live, but also in regard to the many hundreds of people I have met, some who are relatively new to town, and working to help them with various personal issues and concerns. When someone takes the time to call, email, write, or stop by to see me, I know that the problem they have is at that moment all that matters to them. Thus, it becomes just as important to me to listen, advise, guide, and ultimately resolve the issue for them. When it is a matter that is out of my control or jurisdiction, my job is then to guide them in the direction that will offer the best opportunity for resolution.

To the many people who volunteered, wrote letters, displayed signs and bumper stickers, and offered encouragement.....thank you! To the many Republicans, Democrats, and Independents who supported me.....thank you! Each and every one of you is why I go to Hartford, and why I have just as much enthusiasm as I did in 2008.

Again, it is an honor to represent the district I grew up in, the town that I love, and the state I care so deeply about.

I wish all a Happy Thanksgiving, and much health and happiness in the days ahead.

Fred Camillo

Old Greenwich


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