Letter: DTC Chair 'Doesn't Speak for All Democrats'

By Joe Kaliko


Frank Farricker is indeed the Greenwich  DTC Chair. He does not however speak for all Democrats; nor the many other people in town who enthusiastically support the re-election of Representative Fred Camillo.

In an opinion letter submitted to the Greenwich Time, Farricker characterized  Fred as a “... a hard-right ideologue...” This assertion is so ridiculous that it even does Democrats a disservice. Most Democrats, I believe, would prefer to judge candidates on their records and what they have to offer. Calling people names is sophomoric and offensive.

Is it the hallmark of someone ascribing (using the DTC Chair’s words)  “...dangerous blind right-wing ideology...” that Fred has over and over again stood with our present Democratic Administration in Hartford, when he believed the Administration and Governor were doing the right thing?”

A few specific examples make the point. Fred stood shoulder to shoulder with the Administration and our Governor supporting the “First Five Program”; a program that has been expanded and done much to bring sorely needed business and jobs to Connecticut.

Fred votes his conscience. He broke ranks with his party leaders and has supported  projects on which Democrats took a lead. An example is the Jackson Laboratories Project. Fred took the time to listen and study the merits of the  project. In the end Fred crossed the aisle and (with all the other Greenwich House members), voted for the project hoping to realize the potential of the real business partnership that evolved for the benefit of all of our citizens.

“Blind right wing ideology”? I think not.

Farricker also insinuates that for Fred “...protecting our town from risk [is] less important than immovable ideology about raising taxes or fees...” This is pure fear mongering and again, the truth is just the opposite when it comes to Fred Camillo.

I approached Fred regarding legislation to require towns to protect volunteer first-responders as they do paid responders. The volunteers protect the town in life safety emergencies every day. The bill Fred introduced was challenged vigorously by the Connecticut Council of Municipalities, afraid of the “mandate”.  Fred however, stood firm, fashioned means to keeps the costs to a minimum and achieved almost unanimous bipartisan support for his bill. The bill that passed is arguably the most comprehensive first-responder volunteer protection act in the nation; and was signed into law by Governor Malloy last year.

To further make the point, Fred Camillo has just been endorsed by the State Firefighters Association; quite an achievement for a Republican!

The bottom line is that Fred’s actions and his reputation (one of the most well liked legislators in Hartford from either party); proves he is precisely the opposite of how he has been characterized by the DTC Chair.

He is his own man and he deserves another term in Hartford representing the people of Greenwich.

Joe Kaliko

A Registered Democrat


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