Letter: Floren 'Represents The Best Interests of Greenwich'

By Jim Campbell


At last week’s opening of Democrat campaign headquarters in Greenwich, John Blankley, the defeated candidate in last year’s election for First Selectman and now a candidate again, this time for the General Assembly, was quoted in Greenwich Time as saying about Connecticut’s Governor Dan Malloy: “I applaud what the governor has done to get the state’s finances back on track.”

Since Dan Malloy became governor 21 months ago, here’s what he has done to put Connecticut’s finances “back on track”:

  • Signed into law the largest tax hike in state history (without a single Republican vote in the General Assembly);
  • Increased state spending by 5.2%, at a time when other states under fiscal stress have made real cuts in their budgets;
  • Promised a state surplus of $300 million but instead delivered to Connecticut residents a $150 million-and-counting state deficit.

All of this has culminated in Barron’s magazine recently ranking Connecticut 50th - dead last - out of fifty states when it comes to state finances.

You know the stereotype of the liberal tax-and-spend Democrat? Dan Malloy reminds us why that stereotype exists - he is its personification. Judged on his words of praise last week for Malloy’s record tax-and-spend binge, and opening his home to the Governor this week, John Blankley must be too.

Greenwich voters know a tax-and-spend Democrat when they see one.  Hartford is full of them. We don’t need to send any more up there from Greenwich.

Thank goodness voters in the 149th District can instead choose to return Livvy Floren to the General Assembly on Nov. 6. Livvy voted against the Malloy tax hike and has been a consistent advocate for fiscal prudence and restoring sanity to our state budgeting process. Please join me in supporting Livvy Floren for another term doing what she does best - representing the best interests of Greenwich.


Jim Campbell

*Thewriter is chariman of the Greenwich Republican Town Committee.


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