Letter: Murphy Has A 'Wealth of Government Experience'

By Dick Bergstresser

Letter to the Editor

I have been very disturbed by Linda McMahon’s campaign.  It seems that she is intent on buying her way into government without relevant experience and as far as I can discern, any particular views on the issues of government, either foreign or domestic.  Her campaign seems to focus solely on negative campaigning attacking her opponent with inaccurate or exaggerated personal issues.  The only positive statements have been to say that she is a woman, but even there she has not stated her positions on the issues of the day. When questioned on issues, she either uses tired Republican talking points or makes ambiguous or inaccurate statements on the issue.  For example, would she support funding of Planned Parenthood’s non abortion work (over 95% of their activity)?  As for her positions on governmental issues, other than voting the party line, I have not heard a thing that would inform me as to how she might vote on budget issues, taxes, judicial appointments (does she have a litmus test and if so, what is it?), infrastructure development, funding of science, education or the arts (e.g.: PBS).


On the other hand, Chris Murphy comes to the campaign with a wealth of government experience.  He has served in the Connecticut Legislature as Representative and Senator for three terms and has served in Congress for three terms.  His legislative record is open for all to see.  He has been a leader in the areas of Ethics Reform, Government Funding Transparency for contractors such as Blackwater, environmental protection, public housing authoring “Frank Melville Supportive Housing Investment Act” to streamline the administration process, and public support of healthcare.  Although concerned about off shore drilling, he supported a bipartisan energy bill to increase offshore drilling during the energy crisis.

As an effective legislative leader, Chris Murphy will give Connecticut outstanding representation in the Senate.  Let’s show that Connecticut representation is not for sale and vote for Chris Murphy this coming November 6.


Richard Bergstresser



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