Letter: Paulmeno Is "A Natural Leader, Problem-solver'

Selectman endorses Democrat's bid for state rep.


To the Editor:

For the first time since 1994, Democrats have four candidates for state office. Seeking a win for State Representative in the 150th district is Stephanie Paulmeno, a long time public servant, patient-care advocate, and outspoken champion for military veterans and women, and seniors. She has served Greenwich well, volunteering hundreds of hours on many boards including the RTM, Red Cross and TAG, and her independent voice in Hartford will also serve us all well. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike will have a advocate that cares.

When Stephanie first informed me that she was exploring the possibility of elected office, I was excited about her candidacy. Beyond her impressive resume of service and leadership, she is nice, smart, and funny, and I have enjoyed watching her engage people and really listen to their questions. Specifically, her love of empowering people and making voices heard from all demographics is what will make her a wonderful Representative. She is a natural leader and problem-solver, and her talents in Greenwich would translate well to the state level.

On a side note, both Stephanie and her opponent Steve Walko should be proud of the campaigns they are running. Their campaigns are based on issues that are important and issues that matter. Never once have I heard either say anything negative or personal against each other. In contrast to some of the other elections in the state and the nation, it's refreshing to see two individuals who are respectful of each other's candidacy and differences.

Please visit http://www.paulmenoforctstaterep.org/home for more information about Stephanie and why she would be such a great choice for State Representative. And, as always, please mark your calendars for voting day on November 6th!

Drew Marzullo

Selectman, Town of Greenwich

Margaret Callahan October 02, 2012 at 01:42 PM
stephanie is terrific! smart, kind, talented!
robert katz October 02, 2012 at 08:06 PM
I am a clinical pharmacist who has had the priviledge to work with Stephanie. Besides being extremely knowledgeable and caring she is just naturally an empathetic an understanding individual. She will be a great asset for Connecticut.


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