Letter: Rep. Camillo has 'utmost integrity'

By Linda Tracy


Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter in very high recommendation and endorsement of Fred Camillo, State Representative in the 151st District.

As anyone who has ever met Fred knows, he is an upstanding citizen of the utmost integrity. He gives his heart, soul, and all of his time, not only to the citizens of his district, but also to all of Connecticut.

Fred’s accomplishments speak for themselves. For anyone who is not familiar with the realm and depth of his hard work for all of us, his record includes legislation written, introduced and worked on that became law in the areas of commerce, volunteerism, the environment and animal welfare. 

Fred Camillo pushed for and advocated for Single Stream Recycling in 2008, a program that has saved theTown of Greenwich over $1 million a year.

These are just a few of the numerous good deeds Fred Camillo has done, and continues to do, for his constituents. He always puts the needs of the citizens before his own. 

Fred is an ex-high school history teacher and baseball coach. He has worked with all age groups and is committed to and understands the needs of all citizens, regardless of their age. The students he worked with are the future of our town, state and country.

As a current high-school teacher myself, I know how important all of the changes Fred Camillo is working to make in our state are to each and every citizen, especially our young professionals. They learn by example. Fred Camillo is certainly an excellent example to citizens of all ages.

Fred Camillo is, not only one of the finest Representatives I know, but he is one of the nicest individuals I have ever met. Fred Camillo is a true gentleman. He will work hard, not only for the citizens of Greenwich, but also for everyone as an individual and a human being.

I fully endorse Fred Camillo for reelection as the State Representative in the 151st district. I highly encourage everyone in this district to give Fred Camillo your vote.


Linda Tracy


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