Letter: Frantz 'Not Afraid To Stand Up For Constituents'

By Kyle Silver


What is really sad about the letter Stephanie Paulmeno, candidate for office, wrote criticizing Scott Frantz’ is that she has no idea of this man and his commitment to social concerns. It is easy for candidates to use high-flown words about their ideals, but their actions are the real test of commitment.  Scott has been modest about his role in many efforts to help those in need. He is not afraid to stand up for constituents in spite of opposition, as he did for six years working to build a teen center for the teens of our town. As executive director, I know that Scott has continued to support the youth of our town over the twenty-one years that The Arch Street Teen Center has been in existence.  He is there for the long haul, not just the photo-op. He is as happy taking out the garbage after an event as he is giving the speech. The teen center is only one of the many, many ways that Scott has helped people in our community, our state, and other countries. 

It is appalling to deride Scott of his success! Scott has worked very hard over the years, and his success building his own business has given him the opportunity to give generously of his time, talent and treasures to others, and Scott makes the choice to actually do it every single day. Actions are far more meaningful to me than words. 


Kyle Silver

Executive Director

Arch Street, The Greenwich Teen Center


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