Letter: Steve Walko A 'Voice of Experience and Reason'

By Peter Tesei


To the Editor,  

On November 6th I look forward to casting my vote for Steve Walko as the next State Representative for the 150th Shore line Assembly District.

The State of Connecticut is facing a growing fiscal crisis, staggering unfunded state employee pension liabilities and further tax increases. We need Steve Walko as a voice of experience and reason. As a Chairman of Greenwich Finance Board, Steve Walko knows you must set limits to contain the cost and size of government. During his tenure as Chairman he worked in partnership with me to control the growth of our operating budget, reduce employee headcount and move new hires into a defined contribution retirement plan.

As an Attorney experienced in labor relations and employment law, Steve Walko recognizes we cannot continue to provide government services if the salaries and benefits paid to the employees providing these services exceeds those offered in the private sector. Steve will bring common sense to the State House of Representatives and restore fiscal sanity to our State.


Peter J. Tesei

First Selectman, the Town of Greenwich


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