[Letter to the Editor]: On Stamford Charter Revision Question 2

A letter from former Board of Representatives member Scott Mirkin on the unified fire department plan.

I agree with the comment made by Board of Representatives members Annie S. Taylor and Art Layton in their recent letter of October 22 to a local paper regarding Question 2 on Charter Revision, "the devil is in the details".

The essential elements of Question 2 are-- one chief and one fire marshal.  The first response by most people would be...sounds good. But this is a Trojan horse that will expand the union ranks of Stamford Fire & Rescue local 786. This will result in higher property tax increases, increased pension liabilities and post-employment health care that will burden future generations.

The Board of Representatives invited the Mayor, Stamford Fire & Rescue and the Volunteer Fire Companies to speak with the Public Safety & Health committee on several occasion regarding a fire protection plan but failed to hold a single public hearing.  

When I served as Co-Chair of Public Safety & Health on the Board of Representatives I made a commitment, which is on the record, that there would be several public hearings. Not holding a public hearing was a dereliction of responsibility by the Board of Representatives that resulted in the BOR punting the issue of fire protection to Charter Revision where, in absence of a plan, it does not belong.

You wouldn't book a vacation, buy a house or car without knowing the cost and that is why I urge voters to Vote No on Question 2. There isn't a plan and therefore no estimate of cost exits. Don't be fooled by the innocuous feel good wording of Question 2.  Vote No on Question 2, our children are counting on us.


Scott Mirkin

Former Member Board of Represenatitves and Co -Chair Public Safety & Health Committee

RDC October 27, 2012 at 11:17 PM
You Mr. Mirkin are the same guy who compared the firefighters who risk their own lives to help others to terrorists, right? Nothing you say will ever mean a damn thing. Your ignorance speaks for itself.


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