Letter: Walko Has 'An Amazing Work Ethic'

By Andy and Carol Fuchella


I have known Stephen Walko since moving to Greenwich over 30 years ago. He was a great help to our family with our children and a valuable staff member for our Greenwich fitness business. Stephen exhibits all the characteristics of dependability and loyalty. Stephen has an amazing work ethic along with a gregarious personality. People are drawn to Stephen and work well with him. Stephen stands firm on his principles which are deeply rooted in a strong sense of family, a man of integrity and always helping those in need. He has a keen intellect in addition to good common sense. I learned early on that Stephen is someone on whom I could rely. These qualities Stephen will bring to Hartford. He will work tirelessly to make Connecticut a better state in which to live. He has indicated his goals are to improve the budget, the education system and transportation. If anyone would make a difference for the betterment of our community and state, it is Stephen Walko. I ask you to join me in casting your vote for an extremely capable candidate for state representative, Stephen Walko.

Andy and Carol Fuchella



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