Letter: Walko 'A Realist Who Will Advocate For FiscalFresponsibility'

By Katie Johnson


What a mess we've got here in Connecticut! Let's take stock: one of highest per-capita debt loads of any state; jobs fleeing monthly; piles of regulation bogging down small businesses; a Governor borrowing more and more to cover our operating expenses. Desperate times...but the Governor keeps pushing off the reality check we all know is coming!

It is absolutely essential that we restore sanity in Hartford, one fiscally responsible person at a time. Stephen Walko has the experience guiding our town budget for many years as Chair of the Board of Estimate and Taxation. Under his leadership, Greenwich was able to limit tax increases in a prudent and measured way while green lighting necessary capital projects.

Stephen is a realist who will advocate for fiscal responsibility as he works to secure a brighter future for Greenwich and all of Connecticut. Please join me in voting for him on November 6th.


Katie Johnson



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