Letter: Walko's 'Leadership Is Required in Hartford'

By Aaron Kennon


The financial crisis of the last several years has forced the town and its citizens to prioritize and at times make difficult yet necessary decisions pertaining to both taxation and spending. Steve Walko served as a leader in this charge. As former chairman of the Board of Estimate and Taxation, he waded through a minefield of complex issues from education to pensions while working with both political parties and dozens of constituencies. Steve's desire to provide a cost/benefit analysis of each taxpayer dollar spent has proven valuable to the town of Greenwich and is now desperately needed in Hartford. With the state facing massive unfunded pension liabilities and unsustainable spending, Steve's leadership is required in Hartford now more than ever before.

A devoted father and husband, and a native of Greenwich, Steve respects the history of the town and its institutions while maintaining a keen interest in preserving the quality of life for residents young and old. Steve recognizes that elected officials and policy makers have the ability to create an environment where people want to reside, raise their families, and work. We now need Steve to apply his knowledge, philosophy, enthusiasm, and common sense in Hartford as our State Representative. The 150th district is lucky to have a candidate in Steve Walko. I urge you to support Steve Walko on Election Day.

Aaron Kennon
Old Greenwich


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