Plant Of The Week ROSE

Hippie can take on a whole new meaning for some....

Rose is not just kind to the eye and nose.

Rosa and other Rosaceae can be healthy hip.

As all septic systems fail the effluent can be treated and used. No build green planet saving attitude has deterred the use of advanced treatment septic tanks. Until real Town Plans are drawn or redrawn by popular vote large parts of our inhabited world will continued to be shaped by bureaucrats by special interest. Solving man made problems with easy solutions is a threat to the fear sales industry and would cause large scale layoffs in government planning quarters.  

As the deferment of common sense and real planning based on historic success continues Rose can make us smile. When Rosa canina (Dog Rose) and Rosa rugosa (Beach or Rugged Rose) get to thrive with each other lots of great things can help our species.  All Cervidae family members have been thriving on Rose Hips from long before humans stood up on 2 legs. Deer, Elk, Moose and their Cervidae cousins wait until the hips are formed to graze these amazing jewels of Vitamin C and anti-oxidant rich fruit. Some birds are in the waiting line too.  As dogs are required to be leashed and huntingis a privilege stymied in many urban/suburban “planned communities” prime benefactors have been Deer and Geese. 

Those lucky enough to live outside the jurisdictional mayhem can benefit
from Rose plantings too. Cats thrive in dog leash zones too. Millions of birds
die each year thanks to dog leash rules where cats take advantage of unintended
consequences. Substantial rose planting can provide safe havens for our modern
flying dinosaurs.  As our forests continue to be non-managed and meadow habitat and understory species decline Thrushes and Waxwings have a tougher life. Rose hedges can help.

Strategically placed and maintained a rose hedge can be a windfall for all, with the exception of Geese. A hedge grown and maintained at a height higher than their real furry fear we call Wolf will keep them away from you lawn or meadow. Maintained at a width of 6 feet or height of same the Deer will not be happy with our effort and yet we will still be able to pick the hips.

Planting Roses in late Fall in both Hemispheres can have wonderful rewards in just one growing season. The magic, romantic  treat played by many by the dozen by arrangement depends largely on fancy Rose cousins that are too tight to produce fruit. Garden Roses can benefit from there more prolific cousins. Dog and Rugged  Beach Roses will rarely cross pollinate with their fancy cousins. Rose hedges can protect you garden from grazing when strategically placed. They can be a great deterrent to unauthorized swimming pool use too.

Areas such as New England that were abandoned by farmers have seen the return of millions of trees by happenstance and volunteerism. There, first the Civil War then the mechanization of agriculture made farming non sustainable. The Native Americans had vast areas under agriculture especially for corn crops before their
population shrank from disease brought by Eurasian infections long before the  Pilgrims. For the first time in centuries trees are everywhere. Wind storms take down many of these aging giants. Look at you property without these giant interlopers and dedicate creating meadows that will provide habitat improvement for man and beast far better than the ad hoc landscape.

Knockout Roses and unleashed Dog Roses and lots of Rugged Roses will fare far better than dumb trees. Keep your mulch yield from the down treed area and use a mulch blade for the remaining tree leaf yield and you can create a bed for our Rose heroes without even needing to dig deep to plant them.

As your plants grow and prosper you will be able to be a true useful healthy Hippie.

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