Greenwich Mountain Lion Investigators Turn to NY

Police say state officials now are looking into the status of two legally permitted mountain lions in NY.

Though the Greenwich now has its own , the beast has eluded further , according to Greenwich police.

The lion hasn’t been seen since Sunday and police haven’t received any calls of the outside of the King Street area, according to Lt. Kraig Gray, public information officer at the Greenwich Police Department.

“The GPD will continue to investigate all reported sightings in cooperation with [Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection],” Gray said in a media release.

State officials from Connecticut and New York are working together to investigate the status of two permitted mountain lions in New York state that “are reasonably close to Greenwich,” Gray said. “Given that these animals can (and do) travel great distance reasonably close does not mean [they necessarily came to Greenwich from] the town right next door.”

All mountain lion sighting should be reported immediately to the Greenwich Police Department at:

Reports emerged Sunday and Monday of sightings of a mountain lion, and Greenwich Police on Wednesday released a photo taken of the elusive animal,  taken June 5 on the King Street campus of .

The lion had been seen in the northwest corner of Greenwich, specifically the King Street campus of the Brunswick School.

Officials of the private all boys school have placed the campus—which abuts the Westchester County Airport—off limits to activities and are allowing only faculty and staff on the bucolic acreage that is across the road from the and just up the road from the town-owned .

DEP Deputy Commissioner Susan Frechette, said it's very likely "a mountain lion that has been held in captivity and either escaped or was released."

"Our current information, which we will continue to evaluate, is based on hazy photographs we have seen and the size of the paw prints that have been left behind," Frechette said.

The DEP said it is cooperating with local officials and its counterparts in nearby New York State to investigate the sightings. The said it has not received any reports of missing wild animals held by private farms or foundations in the area.

State DEP spokesman Dwayne Gardner said that while there have been reports of mountain lion sightings over the years, this is the first time in recent memory that officials believe the sightings are indeed a lion.

They're back August 26, 2012 at 09:21 AM
The DEC must be so pissed off that someone actually got a picture. Now they can's say it was really a tabby or a hallucination on the part of the reporter. Must bum them out! All those people in your neighborhood who keep mountain lions as pets must have let them roam around. Ever met anyone whose pet is a mountain lion? Nobody has. So how is it that the DEP keeps telling the public that so many pets have been let loose when nobody has ever met anyone who keeps one as a pet. Their denials have gotten increasingly bizarre and, as evidence mounts, they must be trying to figure out how to explain years of BS , denials and telling people they did not see what they reported they saw.
Brian August 26, 2012 at 12:54 PM
Far too many pets are abandoned with no care. Seen any in your neighborhood? Shelters are overwhelmed.
They're back August 26, 2012 at 07:02 PM
true rian-but not mountain lions. DEP staff often say things that make no sense-suggest lack of common sense. Why is a it easier for the DEP to suggest sightings are one winged striped elephants rather than a few mountain lions migrating from the West. Parsimony folks. It is your friend!
Glen K Dunbar August 26, 2012 at 07:32 PM
I have to agree w/They're Back. If I understand correctly He/She feels the system in general stinks. Well, I agree. Not knocking You Greenwich people at all. You are lucky You not live in New Canaan. SOME of these people and the town in itself are absolutely incredible. GLEN
Glen K Dunbar August 26, 2012 at 07:33 PM
by the way. What a beautiful animal that is in the picture.


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