Greenwich Police Officers Earn Award

Officers recognized for work in drug seizure.

Greenwich Police officers James Smith and Thomas Huestis have been named Officer of the Month by the department in recognition of their work in drug seizure case.

According to the department, the seizure occurred March 22 after Smith stopped a motorist for a minor motor vehicle violation. "Smith initiated a motor vehicle stop and during his conversation with the operator his suspicions where aroused to the possibility of illegal narcotic activity," according to the statement. With Huestis assisting Smith, they searched the vehicle and discovered a hidden compartment that contained crack cocaine, marijuana, and numerous pieces of evidence of illegal drug trade.

In a statement, Police Chief James Heavey said, “This arrest is a reminder to us all that what often appears to be just a routine motor vehicle stop may be much more. Unfortunately, our community is not isolated from the negative effects of illegal drug abuse."

Heavey added, "The efforts of these officers to slow their trafficking in our community are much appreciated by the citizens of Greenwich. The officers did an excellent job and are commended for their vigilance and dedication to duty.”


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