Greenwich to Name New Deputy Police Chief

Decision expected by end of December.

Greenwich Police should have a new deputy police chief by the end of December.

Interviews of the three candidates - Captains Timothy Berry, Mark Kordick and Mark Marino - were conducted on Friday by Police Chief James Heavey and the Board of Selectmen. Berry is in charge of the patrol division; Kordick -  information and technology, and Marino is head of the detective division.

First Selectman Peter Tesei said he expects Heavey to make his recommendation to the board by the end of the month. While the chief makes the recommendation, Tesei said it "makes sense" for the board to be involved in the interview process "because we ultimately vote on the appointment."

All three captains, along with Heavey were interviewed for the deputy chief position last summer. .

The appointment of one of the captains as deputy chief will open a string of promotions within the department. The deputy position is open because of in September. Heavey has said that once the deputy is named, there will be promotions for the positions of captain, lieutenant and sergeant.

Heavey also said he hoped to have the promotions completed by February when a swearing-in ceremony will be held.


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