Holiday Mail, Package Thefts Continue in Greenwich

Packages left at the door are being stolen by thieves in Greenwich. Flickr.com
Packages left at the door are being stolen by thieves in Greenwich. Flickr.com

As the holiday rush intensifies, Greenwich Police are again cautioning residents to take care of the gifts they are ordering for home delivery.

Lt. Kraig Gray said the department is seeing an “uptick” in reports of thefts of gifts delivered at unoccupied homes. Residents have verified with online tracking that the packages were delivered, however, thieves swipe the boxes — as well as mail from mailboxes — before residents can come home and retrieve them.

“People need to take precautions because there is a serious uptick in thefts, given the season of packages being delivered,” Gray said.

“The best way to combat thefts is to always arrange for delivery to the back door, not the front door, or to a neighbor or have someone sign for it,” Gray added. If possible, have packages delivered to your office.

On Dec. 12, another Greenwich resident reported all of their mail was stolen from their mailbox and a holiday package was swiped.

Gray said the thefts are throughout town, not confined to any specific neighborhood.

They also are prevalent in business and apartment/condominium buildings where packages may be left in a easily accessible, common area, such as a lobby. “With mail thefts, these people just walk in anywhere and take items,” Gray added.


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