Just Like the Postman on His Appointed Rounds, So Are the Mail Thieves

In recent weeks, there have been more than a dozen reports of mail theft in Greenwich.

Flickr.com photo.
Flickr.com photo.

Just as the postman goes about his appointed rounds regardless of the weather, so do mail thieves.

And Greenwich Police issued an alert this week, warning residents to keep a wary eye on their mailboxes and not to leave important mail or packages in their boxes for pickup by the U.S. Postal Service.

It seems that thieves are pilfering whatever they can find in boxes filled with outgoing mail, according to a statement from police. "In the past 10 weeks, there have been over a dozen reported thefts from mailboxes, most occurring int he mid-country region of town," according to police spokesmam Lt. Kraig Gray. 

According to Gray, there have been similar incident throughout the region.

Gray said homeowners should "avoid placing outgoing mail, especially checks, credit sensitive information, or valuables within their mailbox." Police suggest residents drop their mail into collection boxes or mailing directly from a U.S. Post Office.

Police said mail theft should be reported directly the to Postal Service by calling 203-625-3168. Suspicious activity should be reported immediately to Greenwich Police by calling 203-622-8001, Gray said.


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