Town Woman Faces Prescription Fraud Charges

Greenwich PD: Forged prescriptions used to obtain oxycodone.

A Greenwich woman faces multiple charges stemming from the use of a forged prescription to obtain the powerful painkiller oxycodone from a local pharmacy.

Jessica Riddle, 26, who gave an address of 42 Hartford Ave., surrendered May 16 to police who obtained the arrest warrant after "investigative efforts determined there was a fraudelent prescription. The investigation is continuing," said Greenwich Police spokesman Lt. Kraig Gray.

Riddle was charged with obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, obtaining a controlled substance by forgery, illegal possession of a controlled substance, second-degree forgery, conspiracy and criminal attempt. The charges stem from a Jan. 31 incident at Grannick's Pharmacy, 277 Greenwich Ave.

She was released on a written promise to appear May 30 in state Superior Court in Stamford.

Jane doe May 27, 2012 at 09:20 AM
I find this story to be pathetic bc it doesn't actually report on what happened. It's based on false truths and outlandish exaggerations of the truth, and instead of reporting on what actually happened - is happening - you "journalist" wrote what you wanted to write. There is so much more to the story - so many pieces to the puzzle, yet all of that is left unsaid. It was never this girls name on the prescription, she never stole or had knowledge that the prescriptions weren't written by a doctor, and someone else, who has done this all over the tri-state area is responsible for it. She played her part, unknowingly nieve as to what was going on, and is helping GPD with the investigation and bringing to justice the person who is actually responsible. Whom, btw, has done this all over the tri-state area, using people left and right. But jnstesd of actually reporting on the actual story, this paper sees fit to destroy a young woman's reputation. Journalism at its finest. This story is an embarrassment, maybe you should actually do your job Barbra and report the truth, that would be an actual story. You and this paper should be ashamed of yourself.
John Doe June 08, 2012 at 11:41 PM
I find this story to be far from pathetic - I actually find it quite true. From my understanding a journalist' job is to report on a story as it has happened - quite the opposite of "false truths" so this story is actually pretty spot on. It sounds like the person in the above comment is angry and usually one only gets angry when trying to justify something that is wrong or make someone look better...the only thing you are right about is the fact that many pieces of the puzzle are left unsaid - all which involve Jessica...a sad girl who would do anything and everything to obtain pills! She never stole or had any knowledge?! This is so comical to me because she was indeed the mastermind behind this whole thing. You say she played her part "unknowingly" as far as I know if someone is "playing a part" they usually know the game that they are playing. Jessica is nothing but a conving manipulative drug addict. I could go on and on but apparently the person above lacks a brain and therefore it is not worth my time to continue writing. The story reported by Barbara does in fact contain the truth all which shows how wrong Jessica is so next time you think about writing a comment please put some thought into it beforehand....
Barbara Heins June 09, 2012 at 12:23 AM
Information for this article came directly from Greenwich Police reports, which are public documents and available via the Freedom of Information Act. Should charges be dropped or new evidence presents itself via court records, we are happy to make those developments clear to all readers, so that anyone who comes to the story gets full context.


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