Unwitting Squatter, Victim of Craigslist Scammer Posing as Landlord

Unusual arrests and investigations from the area.

A Guilford woman is charged with fifth-degree larceny and failure to keep drugs in their original container.

Trumbull police said , totalling $935, from Lord & Taylor in the Westfield Trumbull Mall. When she was stopped, she had a pills and a straw, police said.

Also, a Bridgeport man is accused of taking a hooded sweatshirt valued at $125 from Lord & Taylor. He is charged with sixth-degree larceny.


Westport police charged a 21-year-old Westport man after he the paint on the hood of the car.


A pair in Stamford was arrested on charges of stealing copper from a building the city owned that was scheduled for demolition. The couple allegedly sold the copper on the street and took a celebratory trip to McDonalds before getting picked up—still covered in dry wall and plaster dust, according to police.


A Norwalk homeowner who heard noise outside his home late at night this week and went to investigate found a heavyset man creeping across his property. The homeowner yelled at the man, who fled the scene—with the homeowner chasing him down the street.


An out-of-state complainant called Fairfield police this month to ask them to check on her deceased parents' home, which was listed for sale and supposed to be unoccupied. According to police, the daughter was taking care of the utility bills and noticed last month's bill was much higher than the previous months. Police checked on the home and found a woman was indeed living there, and she had found the home listed for rent on Craigslist. The complainant had not agreed to sublet the home -- police are investigating.


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