Vandals Dump Paint, Smash Mailboxes in Greenwich

The vandals apparently left a trail of empty paint cans in their wake in Greenwich's backcountry.


Vincent Van Gogh's they're not. Rather, they're apparently vandals who deposited some of their destructive, non-artistic efforts in Greenwich's backcountry over the weekend.

Greenwich Police are investigating no less than five reports of mailboxes being smashed and gallons of black, white and beige paint dumped onto lawns and driveways, according to police spokesman Lt. Kraig Gray.

"On (May) 29th and the 30th, there were several vandalisms throughout the backcountry. Gallons of paint cans were found all along roads in the backcountry," Gray said Monday.

"Mailboxes were destroyed. Driveways and lawns were painted," Gray said.

The trail of damage was found along areas of Round Hill, Cherry Valley and Old Mill roads and on Lake Avenue, according to Gray.

An estimate of the damage was not available.
Frank Di Vincenzo June 03, 2014 at 06:40 AM
This vandalism is bringing mailbox bashing to new new low. We've been hit on our street twice since January. Not only did they bash mailboxes, they knocked over several and ripped down two wooden street signs. When I drive on Cognewaugh Rd, Cat Rock Rd and Stanwich Rd, many of the mailboxes have been replaced some are still leaning over and the rest have at least one major dent. This destruction is not just a silly prank. It amounts to thousands of dollars in damage. When these vandals get arrested, and I believe they wil bel, they should be made to pay for all damages in form of large fines.


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