Greenwich Democrats: They're Off and Running [VIDEO]

With sights on Hartford, Greenwich Democrats open election headquarters.


More than 100 of the party faithful gathered for the opening of the Greenwich Democratic Town Committee headquarters in Cos Cob, vowing to take back the control of the state legislative delegation representing the town.

"The Democrats are the only ones who have solid candidates with exceptional resumes that transcend the parties,"  DTC Chairman Frank Farricker said Monday night. For the first time in decades, the Democrats have fielded candidates for all three state house positions and the lone state senate seat.

And Farricker implored supporters who crowded into the first floor of a rented home at 257 E. Putnam Ave. in Cos Cob, to volunteer to staff the headquarters, make telephone calls, canvass neighborhoods and install lawn signs. Farricker said he was "pumped" at the Democrats chances to win on the state level.

"The Democrats are the only ones who just have solid candidates with exceptional resumes that transcend the parties. We're appealing to unaffiliated voters and to Republican voters," Farricker said. (Please see video.)

He didn't need to cajole members of the Greenwich High School Young Democrats Committee which showed up in force Monday evening. More than a dozen teens attended the opening.

Four Young DTC members said they are volunteering to make phone calls and canvass neighborhoods, despite the fact that none of the GHS seniors will be old enough to vote in the Nov. 6 elections. A government class stimulated their interest in the campaigns, and Farricker said the candidacy of Daniel Dauplaise against incumbent state Sen. Scott Frantz has energized younger volunteers."He can talk to them, relate to them and motivate them" Farricker said of the 26-year-old Dauplaise who did not attend the Oct. 1 opening.

And for at least two of the students, Jacob Segal and Eric Aaron, this campaign isn't their first. They've worked on previous campaigns for US Rep. Jim Himes (D-4), US Sen. Richard Blumenthal and local candidates, Bill Grad and the late Nancy Barton.

All three state legislative candidates gave impassioned speeches outlining their platforms. Candidate for the 150th District, Stephanie Paulmeno of Old Greenwich, said she wants to transform her career in the health care industry and work with veterans into a platform to ensure women's rights and health care for veterans.

Rafferty, also of Old Greenwich, who is running against incumbent Fred Camillo for the 151st District. "I need you to help me out. We need you to help all of us out and help out our community. The Republicans who are in place to  not have a seat at the table in Hartford," Rafferty said.

John Blankley, who unsuccessfully ran for First Selectman in 2011, is challenging six-term incumbent Livvy Floren. Voters rights is one of the main issues he seeks to bring to the spotlight during the campaign.

William Brank October 02, 2012 at 11:48 AM
Don't you think kids should get a substantive argument from both sides before they enter into the arena of politics? Our kids are indoctrinated by a teachers union and government mandated schooling of revisionist history, anti capitalism, collectivism and economics that the villains in most super hero bits use. Democrats have only one answer to all problems, tax and spend. When that doesn't work, they blame capitalism and the problem was, they just didn't spend enough money to "fix the problem". As we can see in the current political climate that looks a lot like the movie "Sideways", we put our lives on hold to give a completely inept far left liberal with no real friends in Washington a chance to prove we can give a black man a shot is just ridiculous. The left sees everything through the prism of race and the right just wants the best man for the job. The socialism and Marxism the Ellsworth Toohey's the press has been peddling frankly has me concerned. We've been left to do the job of untangling the truth from the news on our own. We can't get the strait scoop from the white house on the Benghazi attack this past 911 where 4 Americans were killed. The attack was led by a terrorist released from gitmo under pressure from the left. The left took over January 3rd, 07 110 congress is when they had power over both houses. If you follow the economy from even a mud hut under a bridge you could see it tick down and jobs vaporizing every month till the present.
William Brank October 02, 2012 at 11:49 AM
Continued, As for our state, the assault on private property and capital here has been going on for decades. Just drive through our cities and industrial centers. Empty buildings, hulks of thousands of high paying jobs now are returning back to the earth. Every one of those buildings has a story of a beginning all the way to a sad tail of caving into market forces. Sure, the business could leave but the workers are left with the politicians they elected to keep things "regular". Tax and spend is no way to accomplish regular. Keeping people in charge of their own lives. Keeping the government out of your kitchen. If teachers are going to have more influence over the kids then parents, (a Carl Marx doctrine by the way), then those teachers should be we versed in individualism, how free markets work, what happens when government takes from enterprise and growth stops, making your own way builds stronger individuals and greater self esteem, government waste and bureaucrats making bad decisions is always worse than an individual making his or her own decisions.
FF October 02, 2012 at 01:46 PM
Mr. Brank's point of view embodies the kind of rigid ideology that has more in common with the failed tactics of the Communists of the past than today's realities. Slavish adherence to slogans, dogma, a kind of dialectic of the right with a bogeyman under every bush. It must be very upsetting to be scared all the time. No wonder people like this quote Alinsky all the time, they are playing out of his playbook whether they know it or not. My thoughts go out to you
Harry Dill October 02, 2012 at 05:30 PM
It is unfortunate that such ideological polarization continues to jeopardize substantive objectivity. The general welfare of our citizenry can only be advanced in proportion to their willingness to compromise; compromise that requires breaking the sycophantic shackles of political indoctrination. Neither side can claim to be infallible and/or omniscient. Regrettably, the paradigms of both sides focus on advancing their "exclusive" socio-economic agendas by skirting a more responsible, pluralistic, and comprehensive perspective. No doubt about it, rugged individualism is a noble precept that can temper our mettle. Unfortunately, reality reveals that "nobility" oftentimes fails to recognize that a sink or swim mentality leaves in its wake a toll of preventable casualties. Without exception, none of us can claim to be immune to tragedy. Thus, we must all bear the cost of "lifeguards" to insure our safety and well-being. It's time to stop the "villainy" and to begin the harmony that will rotate the commonweal toward a new safe harbor and promising horizon. Until we can cooperatively engage in progressive compromise the epidemic ills that threaten our nation's health will continue to imperil each of us in greater or lesser degree. Let's join forces and reap the positive reward of cooperative synergy. Let hypocrisy yield to truth. Let rivalry yield to camaraderie. Let zealotry yield to reason.
Ed Krumeich October 02, 2012 at 07:30 PM
Actually,Greenwich Democrats had a very nice rally, attended by very nice people, who listened to speeches by their fellow residents running for office, who really want to do very good things for their town and their fellow residents. In that way, I imagine it was like the Republican Clambake, at least as far as the local candidates are concerned. The youths in attendance were indoctrinated in democracy.
Nick Abbott October 02, 2012 at 09:32 PM
As the President of the Young Democrats Club, I can assure you that kids at the high school have access to an open and fair debate. The reason many kids are becoming active is because they are forming political views independently, not based on what their teachers may or may not think. On the Dan Dauplaise campaign for example, there are three youth volunteers who are libertarians, but yet feel Dauplaise better represents their ideology. Belittling the political ideologies of youth to those of their teachers is not only factually incorrect and shows little knowledge of what goes on in the classroom, but is demeaning to the independent opinions my peers and I have gained access to.
William Brank October 02, 2012 at 10:02 PM
Hey Nick, glad your here, can you help me out. What is it about Mr. Dauplaise that attracts a libritarian? Also, what does the democrats have to offer libritarians? And, if you could give me a brief discription of what they tell you "liberty" is over there at the young democrats club. It shares a root with libritarian so I was just wondering what your thoughts were on the subject.
William Brank October 02, 2012 at 11:23 PM
Glad your here FF, Since you bring up Alinski, the core subject of Barack Husein Obama's class and lectures at Chicago university's radical factory and the college thesis of Hillary Rodham Clinton, his ideology was in no way rigid but he is gone now and all we have is the actions of his disciples. I'm glad you used the word rigid. It reminds me of something The president said, "elections have consequences", this quote was when republicans sat with him and tried to work something out. He would have none of that. The outsider with no voting record to speak of, hardly an opinion but present, turns out to be so rigid in his ideology that he would need to use thuggery like using the corn husker kickback to run cover for the real threat of closing an air base in Nebraska employing 10K if Ben Nelson didn't get in line. Then we have Poor ole Stupack, promised to not fund abortions with tax payers money and he would fall in line. The Louisiana purchase. It was to be $200 million but ended up to be $4 billion. After a lot of hoopla it settled in a a whopping $1.1 billion. Please, don't take my scared bogeyman word for it, look it up. If facts and truisms are slogans to you or you don't know what tyranny looks like when it bangs you on the head it might mean that you are right in line with giving up your rights?
William Brank October 02, 2012 at 11:27 PM
And, just for a chuckle, what are your thoughts on $17trillion of debt? You know, bogeyman bumps in the closet. FDR style new deal money being spent under the new name of stimulus at battleground areas to fuel votes? Is this the actions of a patriot or an ideologue? You know, being $17 trillion in debt already. Reagan and Volker cut spending and stopped printing money and turned around the carter depression of over 12% unemployment in 2 years. Why did printing money and passing out new deal money fail?


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