Greenwich RTM District 9 Has Openings

Do you have time to serve your Greenwich neighborhood?

RTM District 9 has two openings and will be meeting on Thursday May 8th to elect new members to the District.  

The RTM is the legislative body of the Town of Greenwich.  We vote on all Town spending over $5,000 and we elect members to Town Boards and Commissions.  We have the ability to initiate and pass ordinances and to influence other branches of government  to approve or disapprove actions they have taken or are about to take.  We are the voice of the people.  

Currently District 9 has  no representation from two large areas in our District; West Lyon  Farm and Baliwick.  We look forward to hearing from anyone in District 9 who is interested in joining the RTM.

Please call District 9 chairperson  Betsey Frumin at 203-531-7203 for more information about the RTM.



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