Tesei, Theis Announce Re-election Bids

The Republican majority of the Greenwich Board of Selectmen will seek fourth term; the lone Democrat, Drew Marzullo, holds off announcing decision.


It seems as though the presidential and state elections were eons ago. But it's  just a month after the elections that saw President Obama reelected and Greenwich continuing its century-old tradition of sending an all-Republican delegation to the state house in Hartford, and now the local pols have drawn the line in the sand.

Republican Greenwich First Selectman Peter Tesei and Second Selectman David Theis have announced their intentions to seek another term —11 months ahead of the next local election. Democrat Drew Marzullo said he is "making up my mind on my intentions" on whether to seek a third term on the three-member board.

"Looking at the calendar and knowing the press has been quick to inquire, I decided to make up my mind now," Tesei said this week. He added, "So perhaps those in the party who may be interested in the position, they have a clear understanding of my plans."

Theis said, "I am delighted and honored to announce my candidacy for a third term on the Board of Selectman. I am eager to continue my work with Peter Tesei as it would be hard to find someone as knowledgeable, capable, hard working  and honest as Peter."

The third member of the board—and the lone Democrat—two-term incumbent  said Marzullo, who is a paramedic supervisor for Greenwich Emergency Medical Service. "I will be making my formal decision next week or in two weeks. I have enjoyed immensely being a selectman."

Asked why he decided to announce with a year left to his third term, Tesei said, "This now allows me to focus on what I'm working on which is the budget and other initiatives including the plan for a harbor commission.... looking at duplication of efforts (between the town and Board of Education), dredging (of the harbors)."

Indeed, the major issue facing Tesei at this point is the budget. The Board of Estimate and Taxation after a somewhat contentious debate at its Nov. 19 meeting agreed to budget guidelines that would keep tax increase at about 2.5 percent while looking to consolidate town and Board of Education services ranging from human resources to internet technology.

Tesei said he wants a fourth term to the post that is a full-time job, because "I do enjoy it. It's something that is challenging everyday. I enjoy a level of stability with the employees and governing boards, and neighborhood groups. I think we're going into a period of instability and I offer stability."

Theis, whose daytime job is a private banker with Wells Fargo, added, " Actually this entire current  Board of Selectman  has a unique  chemistry built on mutual respect and appreciation for each other. This helps us represent the people we work for."

Tesei said of the board which has worked together for 5 years, "I think this group has worked very well together. It has worked on the issues before us rather than the politics ... "

Substitute Teacher December 05, 2012 at 04:42 PM
Although I cannot find fault with their performance, I am in favor of interjecting fresh faces and perspectives into town leadership. Term limits at all levels of government would be well-advised. Our elected representatives should be "stamped" will a "sell-by/expiration" date. The "fresh-eye" and enthusiasm of new leaders can be a catalyst for progressive change versus perpetuating the status quo and a stagnant business-as-usual mentality and operating system. Change is Good!


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