Best Bike Buddies [VIDEO]

Hamilton Avenue 5th-grader wins bike raffle, then donates the wheels to help his best friend.


If there was ever an example of giving from the heart, one doesn't need to look any farther than the Hamilton Avenue School.

One youngster's joy in winning bicycle raffle was transcended by the angst of his best friend who didn't own a bike. So he decided to do something about it.

Flashback: The Silver Shield Association, the union representing the Greenwich Police Department's rank-and-file, had selected the elementary school in the Chickahominy section of Greenwich for its annual bike giveaway. Under the leadership of retired Lt. Thomas Keegan, the organization collects abandoned bikes or recovered stolen bikes that have gone unclaimed. The association arranges for the bikes to be refurbished and works with a local school to reward students for academic achievements.

This year, Hamilton Avenue students who completed a summer reading project were eligible to enter a bike raffle. There were nine bikes up for grabs and the names of students who completed the summer projects were entered into the raffle.

Enter: Nicky Frank, a 10-year-old 5th-grader, who confided to Ham Ave Principal Cynthia Womack that he "really hoped to win the raffle because (his) bike was too small to use." While in the school's auditorium Nicky realized his friend, third-grader David Brown, "was upset." It turns out that David wasn't eligible for the raffle because his guardian didn't submit David's completed summer reading project.

Upon the announcement he won the raffle for his grade, Nicky told his principal he wanted to give the bike to David.

"For a child to think of someone else...and a lot of times with kids it's 'all about me.' This was an act of selflessness that is so moving it needed to be recognized," Womack said. "I think I have some of the best students in the entire country," Womack said. "I'm very proud of my students."

Pay it forward: Nicky's parents, Ana and Matt Frank, said they're proud of their son's generosity and compassion. "We've always tried to teach him to things for others ... pay it forward," Matt Frank said. "He's just one of those kids ... he'd rather give up a new bike than have David be upset. He told us, 'At least I have a bike. David doesn't.' "

Even though Nick gave away his bike, he didn't go home empty-handed. Womack said, "The teachers and I decided right on the spot that the bike the staff had bought for the raffle would be given to Nicky."

Both boys are pleased. Says, David, "I love it. I get to ride (the bike) every day and I think of Nicky every time I ride it." And for Nicky, "Every time I ride my bikeI think of David being happy with having his bike."

And both boys, were quick to praise their principal. "Miss Womack is a very good principal," David said. Nicky quickly added, "If it weren't for Miss Womack, we wouldn't have the bikes."

Leslie Yager October 16, 2012 at 12:02 PM
Nicholas Frank! We're so proud of you! Love Buddy the Dog and Leslie!
Stephanie Paulmeno, MS, RN, NHA October 16, 2012 at 03:04 PM
Out of the mouths of babes! What a wonderful and heartwarming story. Thank youfor sharing it. Now these parents, the teachers, the principal and the students themselves clearly understand the true meaning and value of caring for one's fellow man (or in this case child)above your own desires. If only more of us adults could learn from this child and could live by the standards and values he displayed our world would be such a much better place. Nicky, you are a beacon of light for all of us. YOU are a leader! I can see that you now know the true meaning of the phrase, "It is better to give than to receive". David, you and Nicky are so lucky to have such a wonderful friendship. I hope it lasts your whole lifetime because both of you will look back on this shared kindness for the rest of your lives. I'm sure, when an opportunity presents itself, that you will do something just like this for someone else. I can see that you will in the kindness in your face. That's how we pay if forward. Keep up the good work, folks. Starting with our children learning American values like this is how we'll begin to build a better society.
Leslie Yager October 16, 2012 at 03:28 PM
Nicholas read to Buddy the therapy dog every Friday last year at school. I caught Nicholas in many random acts of kindness, including sharing and offers help. He even gave up his turn reading with Buddy if someone else hadn't had a chance.
Lisa Horch October 16, 2012 at 11:41 PM
Nick F., we just read this story and are so proud of you! (former classmate Matt Horch's mom)
Barbara Heins (Editor) October 17, 2012 at 12:18 AM
Both Nicky and David are 2 boys who understand the meaning of friendship, kindness and thoughtfulness. And kudos to the Greenwich Police Silver Shield Association—if it weren't for their initiative, none of this would have happened. Bravos all around.


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