Greenwich HS Students Make Sure Christmas Isn't on Hold

Pooling their resources, students in the school's Community Learning Program help a family in need.

Students from Greenwich High School's Community Learning Program (CLP) collected donations to pay off holiday lay-away items for a family in need.

Here is their story as told by Greenwich Public Schools.

After listening to a Secret Santa story told by one of their teachers about paying off lay-away accounts at a department store, CLP students decided they wanted to do the same this holiday season.

Students collected donations for their project from their peers, parents and staff members until they had enough to pay off a lay-away account at a local retailer. The criteria for selecting the recipient family included that they must be experiencing financial hardship and that the items purchased must be for children.

Working with an employee at the Norwalk Walmart, an account that included a bicycle and a helmet was identified to receive the donation. CLP students, accompanied by two teachers and a parent, dropped off the donation at Walmart this week. The Walmart employee noted that the Greenwich High School Community Learning Program was the only school to make such a donation.

The students were then provided with an opportunity to speak with the family that received their donation and received the family's heartfelt expression of appreciation.


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