Greenwich Public Schools Employees Honored For Outstanding Work

Greenwich Public Schools Employees Honored For Outstanding Work


The Greenwich Board of Education , the district honored their own. Headlining the honorees was Maria Keresey, Greenwich Public Schools' own "triple threat," who has worked for several School Superintendents and has been a constant at Havemeyer for 19 years.

Last month at the Town of Greenwich Employee recognition at Town Hall, Kersey and others were acknowledged for their outstanding work. Winning 3 distinctions, Kersey's trifecta was especially lauded.

At that ceremony, Human Resources Director Mary Pepe explained that Kersey's achievement was a result of "a great deal of interaction with program and building administrators as well as school parents, members of the community, and town and school officials."

School Superintendent William McKersie continued the acknowledgement of district staff at the school board's meeting last week at Julian Curtiss School. He said it is a "special occasion when we we can honor our own family" and challenged the audience to "raise the ceiling" with applause in their honor.

As the sole winner of the Town of Greenwich Employee of the Year, McKersie praised Kersey as "eager, positive, resourceful" and producing timely "high quality work."

On a personal note, he joked that Kersey is "always chasing down the somewhat late Superintendent." McKersie then went on to praise Kersey further, saying that "for a new Superintendent, my fresh eyes tell me from the minute I entered that building, I saw you as a center for all we care about; for the students, professionalism and our work."

Here's the list of Greenwich Public School employees who were honored:

Employee of the Year

  • Maria Keresey, Havemeyer

Award of Excellence:

  • Susan Belmonte, North Mianus School
  • Dave Boodoosingh, Greenwich High School
  • Denise Grabarz, Greenwich High School
  • Maria Keresey, Board of Education
  • Christine McArthur, Greenwich High School
  • Joseph Urbano, Greenwich High School

 Team Player Award

  • Sharon Wessel, Glenville School

 Customer Service Award

  • Angela Carino, Greenwich High School
  • Caroilyn Conelias, Glenville School
  • Maria Keresey, Board of Education

Additionally, McKersie called forward Carol DeSalvo, confidential assistant to the Board of Education and communications director, citing her acknowledgement at the town ceremony for her years of 26 years of service. McKersie said that he wanted the applause she received then to "carry forward here."

"So Freaking Fantastic"

PTA Council President Lisa Beth Savitz said, "PTA leaders are uniquely situated to appreciate the all-too-often unheralded efforts of the school staff- custodians, nurses, office assistants, and more." Savitz asked PTA presidents to describe the honorees. The accolades included "dedicated, helping the PTA, helping the students, helping everywhere, all the kids love her, always goes above and beyond, place couldn't run without her or him, truly a rock star, so lucky to have her, an absolute pleasure to work with."


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