Julian Curtiss School Remains Closed for Environmental Cleaning Following Radiator Coil Rupture

Julian Curtiss School.
Julian Curtiss School.

Julian Curtiss School will remain closed on Tuesday, as two classrooms continue to receive an "environmental cleaning" following the rupture of a coil in a fifth-grade classroom, according to an announcement released Monday afternoon by Greenwich Public Schools.

The school was closed Jan. 6 and will be again Tuesday, Jan. 7.

Intially, officials reported that a water main break had occurred. "However, upon inspection of the school, the source was determined to be a radiator located in a second-floor fifth-grade classroom, (Classroom # 27)," according to the announcement.

The school — with 343 students — on East Elm Street, will remain closed Jan. 7, pending the results of environmental testing.

Here is the district's announcement:

"District Facilities staff are working with the Town's Building Department and the District contracted Environmental Hygienist to ensure that they have addressed all health and safety concerns before re-opening the building for students and staff. The Superintendent will determine if the school can be reopened on Wednesday, Jan. 8th by the end of the day tomorrow (Tuesday, 1/7).

"Once the initial environmental cleaning has been completed, rooms 9 and 27 have been closed off and the building has received environmental clearance, the school will be re-opened. Students from the two impacted classrooms will be relocated within the building until after the Winter Recess in February. The abatement and reconstruction work of these two impacted classrooms will be conducted over the Winter Recess.

"The ruptured coil in classroom #27 was discovered by JCS custodial staff upon opening school this morning, January 6th. All schools had been checked on Friday and Saturday for any potential problems after Friday's snowstorm. The coil rupture at JCS is thought to have occurred some time late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. The ruptured coil released water and steam into the classroom, which then leaked through to the 1st grade glassroom (#9) below and spread to the main office and principal's office adjacent to the classroom on the first floor.

"The District's Facilities staff was hand immediately to begin clean up. The Town's Building Department and the District's contracted Environmental Hygienist were also on site early this morning to begin an immediate assessment of the extent of the water damage, and to begin planning for repair. Additionally, the Environmental Hygienist has conducted airborne and surface testing throughout the wing of the school where the water leak occurred. Testing will be completed and the building will receive clearance before students will be permitted to return.

"Students are required to complete 180 days for school before June 30, 2014. Any plans to make up the days missed this week will be established after the school is re-opened and the total number of days missed are known."


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