Local Students Head to College, Overseas

News about Greenwich students' accomplishments.

Go to the Head of the Class is a feature of Greenwich.Patch.com which highlights the outstanding work by the students and young adults of Greenwich.

The following Greenwich students have been welcomed into the Class of 2015, received academic scholarships or are studying abroad:

Colgate University in Hamilton, NY:

  • Desiree Arjomand, daughter of Mr. Amin Arjomand and Dr. Camellia Arjomand, is a graduate of .
  • Kyle Mead Coven, son of Mr. Robert E. Coven and Mrs. Tricia S. Coven, is a graduate of the Berkshire School.
  • Tate Hutchison Daugherty, son of Mr. Charles R. Daugherty and Mrs. Karen S. Daugherty, is a graduate of.
  • Maximilian Thomas Heering, of Greenwich, CT, son of Mr. Thomas M. Heering and Dr. Corinne E. de Cholnoky. Heering is a graduate of Choate Rosemary Hall.
  • Campbell Thomas Johnson, of Greenwich, CT, son of Mr. Marc V. Johnson and Mrs. Julia T. Johnson. Johnson is a graduate of Deerfield Academy.
  • Henry Alexander Juan, of Greenwich, CT, son of Mr. Henry W. Juan III and Mrs. Marilyn P. Juan. Juan is a graduate of the .
  • Leo James Russell Jr., of Greenwich, CT, son of Mr. Leo J. Russell and Mrs. Cynthia G. Russell. Russell is a graduate of the.
  • Margaret Leigh Selkow, of Greenwich, CT, daughter of Ms. Ann Selkow and Mr. Harry W. Selkow. Selkow is a graduate of /Bella House.
  • John Jeffrey Kenneth Sheresky, of Greenwich, CT, son of Mr. Jeffrey L. Sheresky and Mrs. Kimberly K. Sheresky. Sheresky is a graduate of King.


Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, PA:

  • Freshman Sarah Mullen of Greenwich has been awarded a David Wills Scholarship by Gettysburg College for her academic achievement in high school. The David Wills Scholarship is a merit sholarship given to top-ranking applicants based upon their grade-point average, class rank, and SAT or ACT scores.


Clemson University in Clemson, SC:

  • Justin R. Warzoha, a Management major with a General Management Emphasis, of Greenwich is experiencing life in Spain this semester as a participant in Clemson University's Study Abroad program.


St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY

  • Michael Hayden, Jr. of Greenwich, is particpating in the International Study Program at St. Lawrence this fall studying in England. Hayden graduated from /Clark House.


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