Wilton Public Schools Postpone Parent-Teacher Conferences

Conferences scheduled for Monday, Nov. 19 and Tuesday, Nov. 20 will be rescheduled.

Two days next week have been changed from half days to full days for Wilton Public Schools, as officials focus on returning to normalcy after Hurricane Sandy caused six days of school cancellations.

"Monday, Nov. 19 and Tuesday, Nov. 20 will now be full instructional days for students," Dr. Gary Richards, superintendent of schools, wrote in a message posted on the district website. "Originally these days were to be shortened days with parent-teacher conferences scheduled for the afternoon. The decision to conduct full school days on Nov. 19 and 20 was made in an effort to reduce disruption to the school calendar that resulted from the cancellation of six days of school from Oct. 29 through Nov. 5."

Richards said that the three remaining conference days this week will still allow teachers to hold two-thirds of the scheduled parent-teacher conferences, and the remaining parents whose conferences were scheduled for Monday and Tuesday of next week will be allowed to reschedule them in the coming weeks.

According to the announcement, the teachers of students in pre-school, Cider Mill and Miller-Driscoll will contact parents directly to reschedule. Middlebrook parents are encourage to contact their child's guidance counselor to reschedule.

"We greatly appreciate the professionalism of our teachers in working with us to make the adjustments to our calendar in response to the weather-related school closures," Richards wrote. "These past few weeks have been difficult ones for everyone and we greatly appreciate your patience and support as we all deal with the challenges we have experienced as a result of the storm." 

Patch columnist Heather Borden Herve addressed this issue last week in her "From the Driver's Seat" column where she strongly encouraged the district to reschedule parent-teacher conferences as a way to allow students and teachers to make up for instructional time lost due to Sandy.

Diane Kuczo November 13, 2012 at 07:27 PM
While I think it's great that Dr. Richards and the BOE sort of listened to the parents, I think this is a little off the mark. Consistency would mean having full days Wed, Thurs and Friday of this week, and if keeping some short days is necessary, then doing that next week. Having 2 full & 3 short days this week and then two full and one short next week doesn't equal consistency to me. Not to mention, how many people will actually be in town next week for the full days?
Why do things right? November 13, 2012 at 08:02 PM
Why do things the right way when they can do it half-way? I guess this way the BOE and Richards feel that they did not cave to pressure from the parents. After all, if they actually listen to the parents on this, who knows what other horrible things they may have to do by continuing to listen to the people who pays his salary.
Mary K. November 13, 2012 at 08:22 PM
Why won't people be in town for the full days?
Mary K. November 13, 2012 at 08:28 PM
Is the BOE part-time? I have to start looking for a job now that my youngest is at Cider Mill.
RH November 17, 2012 at 12:15 AM
Are you kidding me?!?! "How many people will actually be in town next week for the full days?" One would think that, for this "consistency" you mention, parents would want their children to be in school. The same parents who started this movement to alter the school schedule will be the same ones to remove their children from school for extended vacation days. What a joke...


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