With Wit, Wisdom, GHS Headmaster Chris Winters Address Grads

Winters advises Class of 2012 to be 'hungry for adventure.'

Graduation 2012 – Headmaster Speech

Thank you Dr. Lulow. It has been an honor to work with you this past year on your second go round in Greenwich.

And thank you Ms. Woodruff for your insightful comments.

It is now my privilege to present to you all this very special class of 637 students. Graduates, I’m very proud of each of you and excited for your accomplishments.

Seeing as you are the Class of 2012, here are my TOP Twelve reasons why you are such a special class:

#12  You are a diverse class. You come from 25 countries and speak 18 languages at home

#11  You’re a class that has achieved at the highest levels racking up 1367 AP courses

#10   You’re an athletic class: 51% of you participated in athletics over the course of your four years. And, just recently, thanks mainly to this senior class, GHS was named the Top Athletic Program in the FCIAC.

#9  You’re a creative class: 87% of you participated in the Arts in one form or another

#8  You’re a class that won countless awards at the LOCAL, STATE and NATIONAL levels. Your banners hang and your trophies shine. Your accomplishments bring much pride to GHS.

#7  You’re an environmentally friendly class: Perhaps you didn’t know, but you are the first class to be wearing Green Gowns, each made from 26 recycled water bottles. By the way, we were warned that the gowns might melt or become translucent if the temperature exceeds 80 degrees.

# 6 You’re the first class to follow our new attendance policy. I know how much you appreciate that.

#5 Speaking of firsts, you’re the first class to have House Administrators instead of House Masters, A Dean of Student Life and Assistant Deans. #4 You’re a class that gave us a hugely successful SRO filling the house and showing off your talent and spirit. And yes, there are lyrics to the song “Thriller” and they’re not LA LA LA. 

#3  You tied a Guinness Book of World records for 16 sets of twins—a record that should stand at least until the current freshman class beats it in three years.

#2  You are a class that created numerous Senior Projects that will enhance GHS for years to come: Adirondack chairs in the front courtyard, a bench in the foyer, a gorgeous mural depicting the history of art going up the Art wing staircase.

#1 You gave up your parking spaces for PCBs, your fields for PCBs, your sports schedule for PCBs, but never your spirit. No PCBs can take that away.

Congratulations to all in the Class of 20-12.

While this ceremony and this night are mainly for you, our graduating seniors, there are a lot of people here tonight without whose help your graduation would not be possible. Please be sure to thank your parents, teachers, and all the staff that assisted you along the way.   

Now as we prepare to distribute the diplomas, I want you to reflect on one final point:  Think back to that chilly day in November. You were sitting in class and suddenly found yourself in the pitch black. You wondered, is this the end of the world. Are Zombies going to attack us? Will juniors start taking our parking spaces (I mean continue to take our parking spaces)? Then no, it’s wasn’t the end of the world, it was the END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT.

To our seniors, be ethical, be imaginative, be courageous, and be hungry for adventure.  I thank you for all you have done for GHS, and personally, for all the happy memories you have given me. Thank you.

At this time, Cabinet, Board Members and House Administrators please advance to your respective podiums for the granting of diplomas. Guidance Counselors, please lead the students to the podiums.


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