Shocked by Shooting

Sandy Hook shooting disturbs all.

The massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School has shocked the nation. Innocent children and teachers were shot on Friday morning in school, only 45 minutes north of our own school. We thought the school premises is a safe ground to learn. What have we learned from this genocide? We need tighter regulation on assault weapons and we need more resources for disturbed individuals. Our legislators must enact new legislation limiting the sale of weapons, impose higher taxes on weapons, and regulate who can possess guns and how they should be locked up. It is easier to buy a rifle than it is to get a license to drive a vehicle or get an antibiotic for an illness. People have to take tests to drive and to have medicine. Why do they not have to take a test to own any type of gun? Too many have died at the hands of carelessness.

Children have been impacted by this tradegy because they are now worried. During our elementry and middle school years, we have had lock down drills. This lock down would be in case of emergency. An emergency could be an intruder or a natural disaster. These drills were rarely taken seriously because kids assumed that this kind of incident would never happen. After recent shootings: Virginia Tech, Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook, and many more make children aware that this kind of catastrophe is possible. Greenwich High School (GHS) is having a lock down drill on Monday, December, 17th as preparation for a horrifying event. I hope students take this more seriously, now that we know that it is posible for a shooting to occur. Also, this week, GHS students will wear the colors green and white to school in order to remember the kids who had their lives stolen. Green and white are the colors of Sandy Hook Elementary. 

It is important to remember the bravery of the students and teachers who survived their day of school at Sandy Hook Elementary. Teachers helped elementary school students hide in closets and bathrooms to avoid the shooting. Let us remember the little kids who were shot several times for no reason.  

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MJ Matera December 17, 2012 at 11:26 PM
This commentary on the Sandy Hook Elementary School disaster zeroes-in on many of the issues surrounding these horrifying events. Especially interesting are two of your points: your demand for mental heath care for these disturbed individuals, and, sadly, the reality that students know it's possible for shootings like these to occur after we've had so many of them. Thank you for offering a fresh point of view.


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