Integrative Change Hypnosis
Hypnotherapist & Life Coach
Hello. I'm Marilyn Spanier. Welcome! You can live life to the fullest! Whether you want to kick a habit, change behavior, improve your self image, your confidence or feel better, hypnotherapy can help you achieve the results you’re looking for. Integrative Change Hypnosis is conveniently located in New York City (Upper East Side of Manhattan) 
Quit Smoking, Stop Biting your Nails, Weight loss, Reduce the Stress & Anxiety, Lose Fears, Get rid of Phobias, Improve Self Confidence, Stop Bad Thoughts, Heal a broken heart, Erase Bad Memories, Motivation, Stop hair pulling, and so many more issues are healed with hypnosis.  If you have any questions please contact me and I’ll be happy to answer them. Hypnosis can address a wide range of conditions and areas, including: Nail & Cuticle Biting (Thumb Sucking) Unwanted Habits Fears Anxiety Disorders Low Self-Esteem Life Purpose/Goal Setting Weight Control Smoking Cessation Body & Self Image Self Improvement Motivation Grief/Loss Relationships Sleep Disorders Eating Disorders Pain Management Pre & Post-Op Stress And More Services Offered: Clinical Hypnosis NLP   EFT Past Life Regression Therapy Guided Imagery Self-Hypnosis                                                           
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